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Johan Thygsen joins Division of Psychiatry

By Kim Morgan, on 13 November 2014

We’re delighted to welcome Johan to UCL and as a new member of the team we hope he enjoys working here

“I am Danish and have recently moved to London, my background is in biology and genetics but I have also studied psychology. I am joining Elvira Bramon’s group as a research associate, working with Alvaro Revuelta, Stella Calafato and Siri Ranlund, towards identifying new genetic variants which increase the risk of developing severe mental illness and/or psychosis, using various types of biomarkers. My focusing will specifically be on identifying high-risk variants which run in families, as such variants offer a unique opportunity to untangle the biological mechanisms involved in the etiology of the disorders.”

Johan Thygsen, November 2014Johan_thygesen

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