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UCL Qualitiative Health Research Symposium 2015 Abstracts Invited

By Kim Morgan, on 6 October 2014

We invite abstracts for the UCL Qualitative Health Research Symposium 2015 which will take place on Wednesday 18th February 2015. The theme of the symposium is enriching qualitative inquiry in health.

 Background to symposium

Interest in qualitative approaches among academic communities concerned with health and illness is evidenced by the rise of mixed methods studies, the proliferation of qualitative health research journals and conferences, and the marked presence of qualitative researchers in academic centres of health research. This reflects the recognition and endorsement of its contribution to research on health, illness and care. However, its inclusion is not straightforward and there can be tensions between the conceptual and methodological approaches of qualitative research and those of a quantitative paradigm generally more familiar to health practitioners, policymakers and often other researchers. These tensions bring to the fore questions to be explored around the applicability, value, contribution, legitimacy and limitations of qualitative inquiry within the prevailing research culture. Ultimately it raises important questions about how qualitative inquiry can enrich interdisciplinary collaborations.

Aim of symposium

Building on our 2013 qualitative health research meeting, we aim in this 2015 symposium to generate a more focused and constructive commentary on the contributions that qualitative inquiry can make to understandings of health, illness and care. With this aim in mind we seek abstracts which reflect on the challenges outlined above and/or look toward ideas and techniques which might enrich qualitative inquiry in health.


*** The deadline for abstracts is Monday 1st December 2014 – please see document below for further details ***

2015 UCL Qualitative Health Research Symposium – Call For Abstracts

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