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A Colour A Day: Week 8

Ruth Siddall17 May 2020

Jo Volley writes….

A COLOUR A DAY – Week 8; 11th – 17th  May

This week’s colours are from the sea and to accompany them you can hear Janet Baker singing ‘Where Corals Lie’. The music is from  Edward Elgar’s Sea Pictures, words by Richard Garnett.

The deeps have music soft and low
When winds awake the airy spry,
It lures me, lures me on to go
And see the land where corals lie.
The land, the land, where corals lie.

  1. Cuttlefish
  2. Oyster shell
  3. Tyrian Purple
  4. Squid
  5. Coral
  6. Pearl
  7. Octopus


A Colour A Day: Week 3

Ruth Siddall12 April 2020

A COLOUR A DAY – Week  3; 6th  – 12th   April

Jo Volley writes …

These are iridescent colours from the Lefranc Bourgeois Flashe Vinyl Arylics collection.

  1. Blue Cendre
  2. Rose de Parme
  3. Stil de Grain
  4. Gris Rose
  5. Or Clair
  6. Terre Verte
  7. Bronze


Jo Volley, 12 April 2020