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A Colour A Day: Week 11

By Ruth Siddall, on 7 June 2020

A Colour A Day: Week 11. 1-7 June

Jo Volley writes ………

How to Make a Violet Colour

Chapter LXXIII

If you wish to make a pretty violet colour, take fine lac and ultramarine blue, in equal parts. Then, when it is tempered, take three dishes as and before; and leave some of this violet colour in its little dish, for touching up the darks. Then, with what you take out of it, make up three values of colour for laying the drapery, each stepped up lighter than the others, as described above.  Il Libro dell’Arte Cennino Cennini

  1. Mineral Violet
  2. Cinquasia Violet
  3. Ultramarine Violet
  4. Fantal Violet
  5. Manganese Violet
  6. Cobalt Violet Dark
  7. Thioindigo Violet

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