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The Pigment Timeline Project



A Colour A Day: Week 6

By Ruth Siddall, on 3 May 2020

Jo Volley writes…..

A COLOUR A DAY – Week 6; 27th April – ­3rd May.

In Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours  he likens cochineal to the Under Disk of decayed leaves of None-so-pretty and to the mineral Dark Cinnabar. Carmine red to Raspberry, Cocks Comb, Carnation Pink and Oriental Ruby.

  1. Rose de Parme, Flashe Vinyl Arylics, Lefranc Bourgeois
  2. Potters Pink, Winsor & Newton watercolour
  3. Genuine Rose Madder,  Winsor & Newton watercolour
  4. Rose Tyrien, Winsor & Newton watercolour
  5. 5. Opera Rose, Winsor & Newton watercolour
  6. 6. Rose, Flashe Vinyl Arylics, Lefranc Bourgeois
  7. Genuine Cochinealmade by the artist Malgorzata Bany

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