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PanoptiCam is go!

By Melissa M Terras, on 24 February 2015

auto-icon1It was nearly two years ago that we first had the idea for PanoptiCam. We were having a meeting about the informational touch screen that sits in front of Jeremy Bentham, and we joked that we should put a webcam in Jeremy’s head. (We’re funny like that at UCL, he is a real part of our culture). Then the questions started… what would it take to get a network cable into his box? Would we get ethics clearance to do this? What was the best way to go about it, and was there any real point?

Here we are, two years later, showing you the life of UCL through the eyes of an incredibly important figure for the college. It’s been a fantastic piece of team work to bring this project together. How long will it last? We dont know. What will the reaction be? We can only imagine. We plan on bringing you updates soon on the design of the PanoptiCam logo, the system that is driving this, and the cultural and heritage stand point of the project.

But do tell us what is feels like to see through the eyes of Bentham… we’d love to hear it. Most of the discussion will be over on twitter no doubt – and we are looking forward to the questions this raises.


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