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Have you seen our new UCL Citizen Science website pages?

By Harry, on 15 August 2023

Guest post by Sheetal Saujani, Citizen Science Coordinator

We are pleased to launch our new and improved Citizen Science web pages on UCL’s Office for Open Science and Scholarship website. You can now access the updated content and browse what UCL is doing in this fast-growing and exciting area!

Citizen science includes a wide range of activities, and it is gaining increasing recognition among the public and within the area of research. UCL recognises citizen science as a diverse practice, encompassing various forms, depths and aims of collaboration between academic and community researchers and various disciplines.

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Check out our new website pages:

  • Defining Citizen Science: whether you call it participatory research, community action, crowdsourcing, public engagement, or anything else, have a look at our word cloud showing various activities and practices falling under one umbrella. UCL teams are collaborating on different projects and working together under a joint mission to strengthen UCL’s activities. This fosters stronger connections and more collaborative solutions.
  • Citizen Science projects: discover the broad range of innovative projects at UCL (grouped by discipline) showcasing various ways to use a citizen science approach in research. If you have a citizen science project to feature or have any questions, please contact us.
  • History of Citizen Science: explore the exciting history of citizen science, early definitions, and three relevant periods in modern science. Learn about one of the longest-running citizen science projects!
  • Types and levels of Citizen Science: read about the growth of citizen science, which has led to the development of three broad categories: ‘long-running citizen science’, ‘citizen cyberscience’, and ‘community science’. Citizen science practices can be categorised into a continuum using the ‘Doing It Together Science’ escalator model. This model focuses on individual participation levels, allowing individuals to choose the best level for their needs, interests, and free time.
  • UCL Citizen Science Certificate: find out about this high-quality, non-academic certification awarded to individuals who complete a training programme as part of the UCL Citizen Science Academy. The Certificate recognises research abilities through participation in active projects, enabling citizen scientists to influence local decisions.

The Office for Open Science and Scholarship is working to raise awareness of citizen science approaches and activities to build a support service and a community around citizen science.  We are bringing together colleagues who have run or are currently running citizen science projects, to share experiences and encourage others to do the same.

If you are interested in citizen science, we would like to hear from you, so please get in touch by email openscience@ucl.ac.uk and tell us what you need.

3 Responses to “Have you seen our new UCL Citizen Science website pages?”

  • 1
    Michelle Paul wrote on 20 January 2024:

    Can I as a member of the public sign up to earn a certificate in citizen science research skills with UCL?

  • 2
    Rafael wrote on 30 January 2024:

    Dear Michelle

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    As you may have read from our website page, the UCL Citizen Science Certificate is a high-quality, non-academic certification awarded to individuals who complete a training programme as part of the UCL Citizen Science Academy.

    Recruitment for UCL Citizen Science Academy programmes is currently aimed at local residents once a new project has been confirmed. It is generally a 3-month plus course and more information can be found on the UCL Citizen Science Academy webpage (https://www.ucl.ac.uk/bartlett/igp/research/ucl-citizen-science-academy).

    At this point, the current courses are fully recruited. There is information about the UCL Citizen Science Academy’s projects in London at the bottom of the UCL Citizen Science Academy website page and in Lebanon on the Prosperity Co-laboratory (PROCOL) Lebanon page (https://www.relief-centre.org).

    Thank you

  • 3
    Tarhib wrote on 27 March 2024:

    Your blog has been a source of inspiration and learning for me. Thank you for your valuable contributions.

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