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Open Access Week 2021 – your ideas wanted!

By Kirsty, on 12 July 2021

Last year for Open Access Week 2020 we ran a number of sessions and launched the Office for Open Science and Scholarship in style!

This year we want to try and celebrate all of the ways that the principles of Open can be applied across the board so we are currently working on planning sessions for Open Access Week 2021 with the theme Open in Practice. We want to take a broad look at the principles of Open and look at how they apply beyond articles and books, to other types of output like data, software, code or practice research and even the principles of FAIR, and other pillars of Open Science – everything is up for grabs!

We would like to invite ideas from across the UCL community for sessions we could run, guest blog posts, case studies or proposals for events that could be a part of our week.

Please send any comments or ideas to us by emailing the Office for Open Science & Scholarship by 30 July.

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    Tim Williams wrote on 30 July 2021:

    Open in practice: the Central Asian Archaeological Landscape project (CAAL)
    These sessions will discuss the potential benefits of Open Research in practice; where, alongside the publication of research papers, data and codes are made available as Open Access material. The CAAL project, based at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, is collecting a huge quantity and variety of datasets, and the benefit of making this open and accessible is vital for the preservation of an astounding range of archaeological heritage. We ensigae a session and a blog:

    Open code: This session will cover the benefits of sharing data, analysis and procedures, alongside academic publication. Open Research means sharing the methodology, including the types of analysis, including statistical tests, in order to allow full replicability of the research. This allows for a more transparent assessment by an academic reviewer, as well as providing replicable tools for a wide audience of users. The session will discuss the potentials of reuse of data and methodology, both within and outside the academic community. The discussion of these aspects of Open Access in Practice will stem from a piece of research on cultural heritage risk assessment that the CAAL project has recently published.

    Open data – UCL repository: This blog post will examine issues around the practice of Open-Access archaeological data, specifically showing off the material we have placed in the UCL Repository (with the help of the UCL Library team) and issue of reuse in practice. The posts will also explore complex areas of copyright and data ownership.

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    Kirsty wrote on 2 August 2021:

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for these ideas, these are brilliant!


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