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    Project update: September 2015

    By Catherine L Sharp, on 9 September 2015

    Since Research Consulting’s review of progress towards implementation OA policy for REF in May, our Pathfinder project has been identified a number of specific challenges that we will be focusing on for the remainder of the project. Over the summer, we have been putting together a revised plan of work to incorporate those themes.

    We will be concentrating on the following areas:

    REF exceptions
    The REF open access policy update in July 15 contains an assurance that ‘Numbers of exceptions claimed within a submission will not affect the REF results’. However, many institutions are still keen for the sector to develop a consistent approach to how the different exceptions are implemented. Over the autumn, we will gather evidence of REF exceptions from the community. We will then run a workshop (on both exceptions and subject repositories – see below) that will help to develop best practice in applying the exceptions. Early in the new year, we will produce a toolkit summarising our findings.

    REF and subject repositories
    Deposit in subject repositories is permitted under the REF open access policy, but institutions are unsure which subject repositories comply with the REF criteria, and how subject repositories could be used to monitor compliance. After some initial scoping of the potential for compliance monitoring using subject repositories, our workshop on exceptions and subject repositories will investigate different institutional approaches, and will inform a report that we will produce early in the new year.

    Payment of APCs on multi-author/multi-institution papers
    The RCUK review has recommended that RCUK revisits its guidance on multi-author/multi-institution APC payments in dialogue with the sector. There are number of different practices in determining eligibility for APC funds. We will run a survey in September/October 2015 on managing eligibility for APC funds and paying for multi-institution papers. The resulting report (in the form of a blog post) will help to provide funders and institutions with information on how block grant funding is being applied in practice.

    We are also looking into the possibility of doing some work on the implementation of the Springer off-setting deal, but as yet it is too early to establish what form this might take.

    For information on the work of the other Pathfinder projects, see the Open Access Good Practice blog.