Pathways to Open Access
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    Pathfinder advocacy toolkit

    By Catherine L Sharp, on 26 May 2015

    The UCL/Nottingham/Newcastle Pathfinder project is pleased to release a new Advocacy toolkit. The toolkit provides good practice recommendations and practical advice for UK HEIs to help them communicate with researchers about funder requirements and institutional policies on open access. It focuses on seven key stages in open access advocacy:

    1. Gathering essential information about policies and open access publishing
    2. Locating and understanding your audience
    3. Profiling open access stakeholders
    4. Creating messages that will be compelling
    5. Planning your communication campaign
    6. Communicating and advocating
    7. Monitoring, measuring and evaluating success

    The project team hopes that this new resource has something for eveyone, from institutions already experienced with open access advocacy to those trying to build an effective advocacy programme from scratch. We’d be happy to hear your comments: please send them to

    black and white version of the toolkit for printing is also available.