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Specimen of the Week 289: Proavis Wax Model

By ucwehlc, on 28 April 2017

This week we bring you a charming and slightly mad model of an animal that never was. Look, up on the shelf! It’s a bird! It’s a dinosaur! No, specimen of the week is…

Proavis wax model LDUCZ-X1180

Proavis wax model LDUCZ-X1180


Specimen of the Week 246: King Scallop model

By Dean W Veall, on 1 July 2016

Hello Hello, Dean Veall here. This week I bring you a snappy little character, well not exactly little, this is the KING of all snappy characters of a mollusc based persuasion. The king scallop (Pecten maximus) is this week’s Specimen of the Week.

LDUCZ-Q330 - King scallop model (Pecten maximus)

LDUCZ-Q330 – King scallop model (Pecten maximus)