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Grant Museum Objects on Tour: Lost Labels

By Mark Carnall, on 1 August 2013

Lost labels from the Grant Museum.

Lost labels from the Grant Museum.

Last week, the exhibition Nature Reserves opened at GV Art, London a group exhibition examining the relationship between how humans interpret and archive the natural environment. Tom Jeffreys, the curator of the show, contacted the Grant Museum to discuss some ideas about how natural history museums archive and organise specimens and these discussions lead to us lending a collection of orphaned labels, that cause me great personal anguish whenever I have to add to this sub collection, to the show.

Grant Museum Objects On Tour!

By Mark Carnall, on 18 July 2012

A photo of three objects on loan to Florence Nightingale Museum from the Grant Museum

This dynamic trio of objects are currently on loan to the Florence Nightingale Museum in an exhibition titled BONE. The exhibition, curated by Simon Gould and Rhiannon Armstrong, takes the central premise of BONE and creates a three dimensional spider diagram display of objects that enshrine different aspects of ‘boniness’. Hit the jump for details about the exhibition and let us know if you spot our objects on tour. (more…)

Moving the Grant Museum

By Jack Ashby, on 15 March 2011

Today has been a long time coming.

About a year ago we agreed to close the Grant Museum from 1st  July, something that had been in planning for quite a while. Today is the day we open up again.  Here’s what’s happened in the last eight and a half months…

(if you don’t want to read on here’s a video about the whole process: