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Specimen of the week 274: the Greenland shark gut

By Will J Richard, on 13 January 2017

Hello computer-folks. Will Richard here, blogging again. And this time I’ve chosen a pretty amazing fish… or at least a bit of it.

Greenland shark

Greenland shark. Image by NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program; in the public domain.


Specimen of the Week: Week 140

By Mark Carnall, on 16 June 2014

Specimen of the Week: Week ThreeIt’s the 140th specimen of the week! That’s nearly three years of weekly Grant Museum specimen goodness! In order to celebrate this sort of milestone, and following on from Stacy’s worm theme, this week’s specimen is (probably) the oldest specimen in the Grant Museum. With a little further ado, representing deep time and a group of animals that despite their name aren’t particularly sexy, bordering on underwhelming (that’s the other blog series- Ed.). This week’s specimen of the week is…