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Specimen of the Week: Week Twenty-Six

By Emma-Louise Nicholls, on 9 April 2012

Scary Monkey: Week Twenty-TwoIT’S EASTER- YEAH!! I hope you are all suitably hyped up on excess chocolate from yesterday? I for one, had chocolate egg for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. I am going to give you absolutely no clues to today’s specimen because it is Easter and the blog is always topical (sort of) therefore the specimen requires no introduction. (I fear I may have just failed on both the ‘no clues’ and the ‘no introduction’ front.) This week’s specimen of the week is: (more…)

The Return of Supergods. . .

By Debbie J Challis, on 7 March 2012

After a full Petrie Museum at last Thursday evening’s (1 March) Ancient Egypt and Comics talk by Dr Paul Harrison, the Supergods workshops on comics return to the Petrie Museum for the Easter holidays.


Date: 31 March | Time: 2-4pm | Price: Free | Age group: Teen / Family

Create your own comic panel and characters in 2 hours in this comic book slam at the Petrie Museum. explore comics using Egypt as inspiration and objects from the museum for your own ideas. With Kel Winser. All ages. Just pop in!


Date: 2-3 April | Time: 11am – 3.30pm | Price: Free. Preferably book in advance. | Age group: Young people age 12 up.

Create your own superheroes based on the Ancient Egyptian gods. Get advice from a comics writer on how tell your story. Take inspiration from the museum and other comics about Egypt to put your own comic strip together. Suitable for 12 years upwards. With Kel Winser.

020 7679 4138 |  events.petrie@ucl.ac.uk          Sponsored by the John Lyon’s Charity.

If you missed Paul’s talk and want to hear a bit of what he covered around Hawkman, Dr Fate and others, he gives an interview to Alex Fitch on Resonance FM: