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Specimen of the Week 222: Dik-dik skull

Dean WVeall11 January 2016

LDUCZ-Z709 dik-dik (Madoqua sp. )skull

LDUCZ-Z709 dik-dik (Madoqua sp. )skull


All the 2s, two hundred and twenty two. Dean Veall here,  I’ve secretly harboured a desire to be a bingo caller and with that opening I got to live out a little bit of that fantasy (imagine booming tones as you read it). Whilst we’re on sounds, and moving away from the sounds I produce, this week’s Specimen of the Week is named after the distinctive call sound it makes when alarmed. It also has a pretty awesome prehensile nose, is tinnyyyyy (for an antelope) and the species this specimen belongs to surely deserves the mantle of the world’s prettiest animal. This week’s Specimen of the Week is…..


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