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Specimen of the Week 342: Alizarin stained sole

By Christopher J Wearden, on 11 May 2018

Happy Friday to all Specimen of the Week readers. For my first specimen of the week post I decided to get started with an animal that could be considered ‘exotic’ due to its distribution (tropical Australia and New Guinea) and relatively unknown status (most people will tell you couscous is a food, not an animal). For my second post I’ve chosen a well-known animal which can be found much closer to home, it’s the…

Our Alizarin stained sole. LDUCZ – V393


Specimen of the Week 235: Alizarin Stained Chicken Chick

By ucwepwv, on 15 April 2016

My turn to pick the Specimen of the Week came a bit late for Easter, so instead of an egg I thought I’d go for what comes afterwards…

Chicken chick LDUCZ-NON3148

Chicken chick LDUCZ-NON3148