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Revolution under a King: French Prints 1789-92

By Jenny M Wedgbury, on 15 January 2016

Louis Seize lightbox print

Detail from the light box outside UCL Art Museum of Jean-Michel Moreau after Noël Le Mire, Louis Seize: Bonnett des Jacobins Donne au roi, le 6 Juin 1792, Copper Engraving, UCL Art Museum

Our exhibition Revolution under a King opened with the start of term at UCL on Monday 11 January. The exhibition features a selection of prints from the early, highly volatile years of the French Revolution, curated by Emeritus Professor David Bindman and Dr Richard Taws, in collaboration between UCL Art Museum and UCL History of Art. Is already attracting visitor numbers that we have grown to be accustomed to since the Museum’s refurbishment – on average 80 visitors per day and on average visitors can be found spending between 30-45min in the museum. It has been wonderful working on this exhibition, as it really highlights the complexity of curatorial practice with researchers, which is highly collaborative and unites multiple, sometimes competing, agendas. I’m really pleased with the outcome.

Anonymous, Prise de la Bastille (Taking of the Bastille), 1789-90, Coloured etching

Anonymous, Prise de la Bastille (Taking of the Bastille), 1789-90, Coloured etching

Our best comment in our guest book so far is:

‘Terrific exhibition – makes me very proud to be a UCL History alumnus, and reminds me of UCL’s first-rate collection, as well as its scholarly and curatorial expertise. Thanks and well done. I look forward to the next, exciting instalment.’ Ms Brown (1967 – 70)

It is indeed an excellent exhibition and we in the art museum are proud of it. It resonates with contemporary relevance to global events.


It never ceases to amaze me what is possible to accomplish with modest resources, in an environment that is far from the tabula rasa of the white cube and sits on a footprint smaller than half a tennis court – if you have exceptional individuals on board equipped with knowledge, insight, professionalism and enthusiasm in abundance and who are keen to learn from one another.

For more information about the exhibition and our public programme of events, please go to Revolution under a King: French Prints 1789-92.

By Nina Pearlman, Museum Manager UCL Art Museum

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    Annette T Keith wrote on 8 January 2020:

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