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Work Experience at UCL Art Museum

By Martine Rouleau, on 14 July 2014

This blog was written by Ellie who is in year 10 at Kingsmead School. She was on work experience at UCL for a week between 7th-11th July. She spent a day shadowing Dr Martine Rouleau, Learning and Access Officer at UCL Art Museum.

LDUCS-2176_IMG1 - TurnerAs I’m on work experience here, I didn’t know anything about UCL Art Museum. I’ve been here for 2 days and I now know a lot of information about the history and collections at the art museum.

I’ve learnt that there are over 10,000 pieces of art here created by a variety of artists, some that are very well known and some that aren’t. They’re very different and they all have different meanings and explanations of why they were produced. However, they have one thing in common and that is being under the same roof.

UCL has the artwork of Turner, de Wint, Cox and Rowlandson. They also have work by students that have won competitions such as best art work in their year at University (the William Coldstream Memorial Prize).

UCL doesn’t just have paintings and prints. The art museum also has sculptures by sculptor John Flaxman. Flaxman even has his own gallery where his great work is on display. This collection is great for people who have an interest in his fantastic work. The Flaxman collection includes plaster models, drawings and prints.

I think the Art Museum is great because it is home to amazing artwork and has so much history in such little space! More people should visit the museum to find out the history and explore all the different types of art.


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