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Students wanted for UCL Art Museum focus groups

By Krisztina Lackoi, on 6 November 2012

UCL Museums and Public Engagement have been awarded funding from JISC to make 150,000 digitised objects from UCL Museums publicly available and to develop a range of new e-learning resources. The project team are looking for students to participate in focus groups to discuss this and are offering a light meal and book tokens in return for participants’ time.

Portrait of The Elector John Frederick I, The Magnanimous - a heavy-set man with a huge slash across his left cheek

Portrait of The Elector John Frederick I, The Magnanimous, Monogrammist M.R., UCL Art Museum 1581

The aims of the project are:

  • To create a wide range of e-learning resources, based on museum objects, to use in different learning environments
  • To encourage use of new resources in teaching and learning for UCL staff and students
  • To make these resources accessible to a wider public audience outside UCL by sharing materials across different e-learning platforms

The first session will look at developing an anatomy e-pack and the second will look at an e-pack focusing on moustaches, wigs and silly hats. The two sessions, which run from 5.30-6.30pm on 13 November and 6-7pm on 20 November respectively, should be informal and fun. They will be held at the Rock Room (Room 4, first floor, South Wing).

Each focus group will consist of a maximum of 10 participants and the organisers are keen to encourage students from a range of academic disciplines to take part. The focus groups will focus on the following areas:

  • The Moodle interface – what works? What doesn’t? How can the user experience be improved?
  • The type and degree of interactivity needed for a good online learning resource
  • The relationship between the digital image and the real art work – what implications does the use of e-packs have on the use of real objects?

To thank students for taking part, they will be given a light meal and a £10 Waterstones voucher.

Interested students should email Krisztina Lackoi, the JISC Project Coordinator, at k.lackoi@ucl.ac.uk stating which session they would like to attend.

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