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Egypt in London

By Debbie J Challis, on 28 April 2012

As part of the Petrie Museum’s A Fit Mind in a Fit Body season of events for summer 2012, we are encouraging you to explore Egypt in London. We have run walks in London for some time now; visiting cemeteries, factories, cinemas, parks and mausoleums in the search for Egyptian influences on London monuments, architecture and places.

We’d love to hear about any more places that you think are a bit of ‘Egypt in London’  – visitors have suggested the Homebase on Warwick Rd for example. Tweet pictures and places to @PetrieMuseEgypt.

Map of places in London with Egyptian Influence

Map of London and Egyptian places

Get out and about this summer!

2 Responses to “Egypt in London”

  • 1
    NickK wrote on 12 September 2012:

    Awesome! And why stop with Egypt..develop themes tying other cultures throughout the world and you provide a wonderful tool for the traveller. Thanks 🙂

  • 2
    Lus wrote on 19 September 2012:

    The British museum is a great place to start exploring Egypt!

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