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Behind the Scenes of UCL Art Museum: An Intern’s Perspective

Nina Pearlman8 March 2012

Cupboard with solender boxes

Storage cupboard with solender boxes that house mounted prints and drawings

Written by Sandra DiRosa

Today marks my fifth day as an intern for UCL Art Museum and although it sounds a little farfetched, I have almost learned far more interesting things in four days than I have learned in three years of university schooling. Instead of learning about art, I am experiencing it up close…something most art history majors dream about! Growing up in New York, the center of the art world, museums were my favorite place to go and interested me far more than any movie, television show or book did. Although I just started working at UCL Art Museum, I have been in London since mid-January and in the time between then and about a week ago my time was occupied by classes. My “Contemporary British Art and Design” class that is offered through my program brought me to numerous museums and galleries around London. I have become fascinated by the curatorial aspect of art and have seen a wide array of styles and set ups: from the British Museum to the White Cube to the London Transport Museum. My interest in museum work has only become greater and now, I am getting a behind the scenes look into a fascinating museum: something I’ve dreamt about my entire life. Welcome to my experience here at UCL! (more…)

The Return of Supergods. . .

Debbie J Challis7 March 2012

After a full Petrie Museum at last Thursday evening’s (1 March) Ancient Egypt and Comics talk by Dr Paul Harrison, the Supergods workshops on comics return to the Petrie Museum for the Easter holidays.


Date: 31 March | Time: 2-4pm | Price: Free | Age group: Teen / Family

Create your own comic panel and characters in 2 hours in this comic book slam at the Petrie Museum. explore comics using Egypt as inspiration and objects from the museum for your own ideas. With Kel Winser. All ages. Just pop in!


Date: 2-3 April | Time: 11am – 3.30pm | Price: Free. Preferably book in advance. | Age group: Young people age 12 up.

Create your own superheroes based on the Ancient Egyptian gods. Get advice from a comics writer on how tell your story. Take inspiration from the museum and other comics about Egypt to put your own comic strip together. Suitable for 12 years upwards. With Kel Winser.

020 7679 4138 |  events.petrie@ucl.ac.uk          Sponsored by the John Lyon’s Charity.

If you missed Paul’s talk and want to hear a bit of what he covered around Hawkman, Dr Fate and others, he gives an interview to Alex Fitch on Resonance FM:




What will the world be like in 50 years?

Jack Ashby6 March 2012

What's around the corner?Last week, our Science Fiction; Science Futures event – organised by the wonderful UCL Science and Technology Studies was based around the concept of how we look at what’s around the corner. It included a fair bit of conversation about failed futures – those things that previous generations predicted would be here by now, like flying cars and invisibility cloaks (though apparently they’re not far off).

At the end of the event we asked the participants to make their own predictions for the world in fifty years time. This is what they said: (more…)

Specimen of the Week: Week Twenty-One

Emma-Louise Nicholls5 March 2012

Scary Monkey; Specimen of the Week: Week Twenty-OneThere was evidently a lot of love in the Grant Museum over the half-term period as specimen adoptions went through the roof. The number of new adoptive parents numbered well into double figures. It was a particularly superb week for one particular primate, with three of our five specimens of the species now no longer orphans. To celebrate, they asked me to make them animal of the week. When I informed them that the blog was called Specimen of the week, they elected a representative. Such excellent teamwork skills for such a mini-mammal. So, by popular tiny primate demand, this week’s specimen of the week is: (more…)

Is this a Fit Body?

Debbie J Challis1 March 2012

What is a fit body? What do we mean by ‘fit’? Athletic? Attractive? Slim? Medical?

Statue on UCL front Portico

Copy of Greek Athlete on UCL Front Potico steps

UCL Museums are running a student competition. We would like to see some alternate views of physical fitness. The idea of what is an athletic body has changed over time; for example, compare photographs of athletes in 1900 to those of today. The role of fitness has also changed in society; the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs had to prove their physical fitness every 30 years in Sed festival and, though today such physical prowess is not expected from our political leaders, arguably we prefer tall and slim Prime Ministers / Presidents in the Anglo world. This competition is looking for fun, thought-provoking and critical responses to this theme.

Up to 10 photographs or graphic works will be chosen by a panel of judges. They will be printed, mounted and framed and the winning students will receive them after the duration of the exhibition in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. The winner will receive £100 in Amazon Vouchers.

The exhibition will be accompanied by panels in the museum exploring ‘fit bodies’ and athletics ancient to modern. In addition poster panels may be put up in the North Cloisters display space. Duration of exhibition: Friday 1 June – Saturday 15 September 2012.

So don’t delay – enter the race!