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Animal Love Poem: Happy Valentine’s Day

By Emma-Louise Nicholls, on 14 February 2012

The panther chameleon will bob his head
And make his colour intense.
A broody ringtail lemur girl,
Will attract her mate with scents.

Peacocks fan their tail feathers,
Spreading blue and green.
The Asian tortoise follows his girl
With persistance to show he’s keen.

Semaphore, believe it or not,
Attracts girl wolf spider to boy.
A fruit fly has his work cut out,
These girls like acting coy.

Imagination goes to bower birds,
Who pimp their pads with colours.
A ram will ram to get his girl,
And see off other fellas.

Cave salamanders like it simple,
Just exchanging the required bits.
A kakapo on the other hand,
Will boom from self-made pits.

The colossal males of the humpback whales
Will sing for days on end.
A female swift finds a life-long mate,
On whom she can depend.

The Mangaia kingfisher can breed in pairs,
But threesomes also work.
Giant pandas emit a scent from glands,
Then to spread it, they frolic in dirt.

Female Anatolian newts,
Get fanned by their loved one’s tails.
But female bonobos have the best time of all,
Surrounded by their choice of males.

5 Responses to “Animal Love Poem: Happy Valentine’s Day”

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  • 2
    Eve lennon wrote on 14 March 2012:

    Fantastic poem. I loved all the animals you put in it!

  • 3
    Ellie wrote on 7 June 2012:

    Love it!

  • 4
    Davis wrote on 28 August 2012:

    Really amazing poetry, you did very well.
    Hats off to your creativity.

  • 5
    Valentines Day meme wrote on 21 January 2015:

    love it

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