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    By Celine West, on 28 July 2011

    I read a tweet this morning which said something along the lines of “hey BBC, the London Olympics being one year away is Not news.” What makes news and how to get hold of it has been in the news recently (metanews?) and that’s made me wonder, what makes interesting news from a museum?

    I edit our monthly online newsletter, which has two or three short articles each month and a list of upcoming events. The newsletter goes to whoever wants it and a list of people who signed up at the student freshers’ fair.

    We started the newsletter only a few months ago, here are the main stories that my museum colleagues have considered fit for the newsletter:
    • the reopening of the Grant
    • digital technologies in the Petrie
    • celebrating Amelia Edwards, “first woman Egyptologist”
    • John Flaxman featured in a BBC TV programme about sculpture
    • an exhibition put on by Slade students responding to works in UCL Art Collections
    • a workshop on the potential for heritage to affect wellbeing
    • an exhibition about microfossils
    • an exhibition of contemporary art posters in the Grant Museum
    • an Egyptian researcher working on pottery

    Researcher Ashraf Elsenussi
    in the Petrie Museum




    • an exhibition about the heritage in hospitals project
    • research into using devices such as Wii to engage with 3D museum exhibits

    Pretty good range: some stories are about projects happening in conjunction with the University, some stories have links to current events in the wider world, such as those about wellbeing, which has been in the news as government looks to measure it.

    However, I sense that some of the novelty of creating news articles is wearing off, and we’re leaning a bit too much on events; that could also be the summertime slow news effect. I’m currently awaiting the monthly flood of stories to reach me so I can primp them ready for the August newsletter so we’ll see if that’s the case this month.

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