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Designing space

By Celine West, on 2 March 2011

In the process of working towards our new model for museum outreach we’ve found some excellent architects to work with. They understand what we’re talking about when we say, perhaps rather vaguely, certainly aspirationally, that what we would like is a small portable space that can house two or three people and one museum object, that is not a tent, that is in some way magic, appealing, thought-provoking, enticing…But limited by the fact it has to be portable (think up and down London Underground stairways), unpacked and erected by one person, perhaps outdoors, not necessarily near a power source, and have UCL branding and images or text on its surface. A Tardis on wheels? But one that isn’t big inside either. Oh and we have not much money.

Luckily we have Mobile Studio to work out how all these elements can come together into a fabulous whole that isn’t a tent. Or if it turns out to be a tent, it will be the best tent the world has ever known. Mobile Studio have worked with UCL Museums & Collections and Public Engagement before, which really helps this project.

INK exhibition

View of the INK exhibition in UCL's Front Lodge, courtesy of Mobile Studio.

They have recently been nominated for a well-deserved award for their design of the INK exhibition that took place in the Front Lodge at UCL at the end of last year.

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    Maria Mortati wrote on 2 March 2011:

    We’re very interested to hear of the outcome. Though we have substantially less resources, we have similar aims at the San Francisco Mobile Museum. We are constantly iterating our platform which has a similar goal of being highly portable and engaging. So we’re keen to hear more, keep posting!

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    UCL Museums & Collections Blog » Blog Archive » The Portability Question wrote on 26 August 2011:

    […] I posted on here some time ago, we have a new way of doing outreach in development. A pop-up kind of kiosk that one […]

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