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How to decorate your halls room

By Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, on 21 September 2023

Female student sitting at her laptop with headphones on in her university halls room
Moving into halls can be nerve-wracking in terms of packing, especially if you come from outside the UK as you can’t bring everything you might want to decorate your new room with you.

As a 4th year UCL student, here are my tips on how to decorate your hall room:

  1. Take a step back and consider the layout. Most rooms come with a standardised layout, which isn’t necessarily the most efficient disposition. See if you could move the bed or the desk to make more space available. This newly emptied space shouldn’t necessarily be filled with stuff since that room is going to be where you spend most of your time; you need to leave yourself space to live.
  2. Be wary of attaching things to the walls. Most accommodation halls require a safety deposit, from which deductions will be made if there is any considerable damage to the room. Often, this includes paint chips on the wall due to blue tac, command hooks, adhesives, etc. To be able to have posters and pictures up on your room walls, I would recommend laying some painter’s tape before putting any adhesive on the wall, so later you can remove it and it will not leave much of a trace.
  3. It is also important to have good lighting. One of the biggest shocks for me during the first year was the fact that during winter the sun sets very early (around 4pm). So, it was very important for me to have good lighting in my room since natural light wasn’t an option. I recommend buying an additional bedside lamp with a warm-toned light bulb, especially if the ceiling light feels too white or abrasive.
  4. Finally, I would recommend not going too crazy on the decorations, since you will most likely be moving out in 9 months. Your room should be cosy and welcoming without it being too crowded.

Welcome, 1st year students, good luck moving and happy decoration!


This blog was written by Ines, MEng Biomedical Engineering

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