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The ultimate guide to joining clubs and societies at UCL!

By Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, on 14 September 2023

a picture from the UCL Welcome Week 2021 which shows students standing in a marquee lining up to chat to people at tables to join clubs
UCL is home to over 400 clubs and societies, which means that as a UCL student, you will have access to a broad spectrum of activities to enhance your time at university! Joining clubs and societies will give you an opportunity to meet like-minded people, enjoy and be part of events put together by societies and it gives you a platform to participate in any way you would like!

Since 400 clubs is a fairly large number, this blog will focus on the steps required to find a club that is tailored to your interests!

Step 1 : SU Website

Take a quick peek at the student union website and glance over the clubs and societies that are listed. You can customize your search so that you can find a club that pertains to your interests, or you can leisurely scroll through the list to explore all that UCL has to offer!

With every club listed, there is also a description available as to what the club is focused on, what opportunities they have and how you can find out more. Often, these descriptions usually contain a link to a WhatsApp group chat or their Instagram page wherein you will be constantly updated with the social activities taking place!

Step 2: Welcome Fair

Attend the welcome fair! This is a wonderful opportunity for you to see the clubs and societies up close. With over 200 stalls, you’ll have the opportunity to ask members about their experience with their respective societies and what these clubs have to offer! The welcome fair is also one of the best times to grab all the freebies and tote bags available, so don’t miss out!

Step 3: Taster sessions!

Taster sessions are free sessions held by clubs so that you can get a deeper understanding as to how the club is run and how you can get involved. Attending the taster sessions will allow you to meet like-minded people from different majors across UCL and see how you can contribute to the club! Information on where the taster session will be taking place will be provided by each club, all you have to do is show up!

Step 4: Membership

So, if you like a club and you’ve attended the taster session and decided that you would want to partake in the club throughout the year, the next step for you is to buy a membership. Most UCL clubs do have a membership fee that you would need to pay to be part of the club. You can find out more about the pricing structure on the student union website and you can also make your purchase there!

Step 5: Making your own club?

With all these clubs and activities, if you feel like there is something missing and you would like to introduce your own idea to form a club, that’s completely possible! You just have to go through the student union website where you can find steps to get started on building your own society!

Remember, it’s never too late to get started with a club! They run social sessions throughout the year so you can attend any of their socials and start from there! Societies are perfect stress busters as well as the perfect way to hone your skills and qualities!

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This blog was written by Anagha, Biomedical Engineering

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