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Undergraduate Offer Holder Days

By Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, on 2 May 2023

Choosing the right university can often be harder than choosing your course itself. Which university has the best facilities? The best support? The friendliest environment? The most convenient travel routes? And most importantly – which university is closest to the best food spots?

The UCL Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (MPBE) Offer-Holder Day is back again this year – and it is here to answer all of your questions! The opportunity to learn more about the courses I was considering was certainly a valuable one – especially given how indecisive I am in general. The event included talks and presentations from faculty members and current students, which provided valuable insight into the curriculum, teaching style, and research opportunities available.

Β Academia aside, the campus tour – led by current students – was the perfect chance to explore the facilities available and find out the best study spots, libraries and cafes available on campus. I was able to get a sense of the social life at UCL, the support services available to students, and the opportunities for extracurricular activities. Perhaps what stood out the most to me was how welcoming the students leading my tour were – and is ultimately what invited me back to study at UCL full-time.

Finally, attending the Offer-Holder Day gave me the opportunity to meet other prospective students and make new friends. University can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re moving to a new city or country. Meeting other students who were in the same position as me helped me to feel more connected to the university community and gave me a great sense of friendship and support.

If you were considering going to the UCL MPBE Offer-Holder Day, let me make that decision for you – do it! There is so much more to see than what is available on a website or prospectus. The Offer-Holder Day is such a great opportunity to have all of your questions answered by students as well as staff, to get an understanding of the campus vibe, and to make new friends – friends who you may just end up going to lectures with come October.

You can view more pictures from the May 2022 Offer Holder Day here >>>

This blog was written by Saarah, Medical Physics

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