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My favourite food places around UCL

By Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, on 26 September 2022

From freshly made sourdough pizza to soufflĂ© pancakes to sushi and Korean Food, UCL’s got it all. UCL is located in the heart of London, so there are tons of restaurants nearby, and there is definitely something for everyone.

Here’s the ultimate guide to my favourite restaurants around UCL.collage of food from around campus

Hare and Tortoise

Hare and Tortoise is a Japanese restaurant where it has a plethora amount of Japanese cuisine to choose from. They also have other dishes such as Pad Thai and Lo Mein. The price is pretty reasonable, and it’s really close to campus!

What to order:

My go-to order is their Yaki Udon and a side of California sushi rolls.

Location: Brunswick Square, London

Seoul Bakery

This cozy small restaurant has everything from tteokbokki to kimchi fried rice, however my favourite is their gimbap. A lot of Korean restaurants here in London don’t have gimbap on their menu sadly, so I was surprised and elated that they have gimbap here.

What to order:

Beef bulgogi gimbap or just gimbap (this is not a recommendation, it is mandatory)

Location: 14 Great Russell St, London

Franco Manca

A fresh sourdough pizza restaurant, and the best thing about Franco Manca is that majority of their pizzas are under 10 pounds! Their menu has a large variety of options and they have lots of vegetarian and vegan choices as well! It is located next to Russell Square Station which can be very convenient for commuters:)

What to order:

Any of their pizzas<3

Location: 4 Bernard Street, Russell Square/ 98 Tottenham Court Road

Fuwa Fuwa

I rarely repeat restaurants as there are so many food places around London to explore, but I have been to Fuwa Fuwa 5 times (yes, it is THAT good). Their pancakes are extra fluffy and light, and their menu has a wide variety of different pancakes to choose from. The minimalistic interior adds a unique touch to the dessert place and the size of the shop is huge. Besides, you order by scanning the QR code which is super convenient and Covid friendly!

What to order:

Any of their pancakes! They are all amazing:)

Location: Brunswick Square, London


Craving for some Thai Food? Busaba is the best place for you. The best thing about Busaba is that it offers a 25% student discount (the perks of being a student lol). The restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere, and serves as a great restaurant to catch-up with friends.

What to order:

My personal favourite is their Khao red pork belly rice with a plate of fish cakes alongside it.

Location: 22 Store Street, Bloomsbury

Not sure where to satisfy your cravings? Or have you just finished a long day of lectures and just want some good food to finish off the day? Stop by any of these restaurants and I promise that you won’t be disappointed^_^

This blog was written by Rachel, Biomedical Engineering

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