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Day in the life of a MEng Biomedical Engineering student

By Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, on 25 April 2022

Profile picture of InesWhen I applied to university, I could picture myself doing the big things. Going to interesting lectures and doing exciting projects, exploring all that London has to offer during day and night; and making a lot of friends. But what I didn’t pause to think about, which I reckon is the case for most prospective students, is what my routine would look like. So, what would a normal day in the life of a 19-year-old Biomedical Engineering student look like?

Early mornings

Even if I don’t have class, waking up later than 8am is dangerous game for me since I get tempted to stay working in my bed the days I don’t have class. However, I try to still wake up in order to be on campus around 9am to ensure a somewhat productive day.

Picture of a wall and window with sunlight filtering through
Morning Light Through my Window


Firing up my brain

I’ve found that waking up and leave immediately does not work for me, so I give myself half an hour to drink my coffee and be in my phone. That way, my brain is already fully awake by the time I sit in class or library.

Out the door

Since I don’t live within walking distance to campus (technically I do but I’m lazy in the mornings) I take the bus. However, my laziness makes my bank account scream since TFL is so expensive now. I normally get to campus 10 minutes early and go grab a coffee at the student centre cafe, since it’s nicer than Pret. Pro tip: if you hand them your reusable cup to use, you get your drink for cheaper!

Photo of St Pancras station with blue sky
View of St Pancras from the bus


Prime Focus Time

If I don’t have any classes that day, I’ll go settle into my study space in one of the libraries in campus (science library or student centre preferably), and follow my weekly schedule to keep up to date with content and assignments. This period of the day is crucial since I get the more done in the morning.

Lunch Break

Since the sun is coming out again and it’s getting warmer, I meet my friends for lunch in Gordon Square. Sometimes when you’re in campus it feels like you don’t get enough air since you’re always indoors, so I like to take a breather during lunch. Plus, every opportunity to tan must be seized.

Photo of the UCL Wilkins Building
UCL Wilkins Building


Terminating Daily Tasks and Me-Time

After finishing my tasks for the day an afternoon lectures, I head home at around 5pm. When I get home I go to the gym, or at least I try to a couple times a week. I found that working late in the evening does not work well for me, so I give myself a couple hours before watching the last lectures or finishing up anything that was not done on campus.

Photo of a red sunset sky with trees and roof tops
Sunset sky on my way back home


Finally, I aim to be in bed by 11:30 pm since getting anything less than 8 hours of sleep makes me a zombie the next day. We can’t forget to go out and have fun a couple times a week. At the end of the day, we need to enjoy time with friends to keep our lifestyle balanced and avoid burning out!


This blog was written by Ines, MEng Biomedical Engineering

Photo credit: All pictures supplied by Ines

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