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Emerging Subjects of the New Economy: Tracing Economic Growth in Mongolia


Blog Series on Loans and Debt

By Lauren Bonilla, on 6 April 2016

During the winter of 2016, members of the Emerging Subjects project at UCL published a blog series on loans and debt in Mongolia’s contemporary economy. We hope that you enjoy reading these posts, and please do post a comment with your ideas, questions, and feedback:

1. Chains of Debt: Accessing ‘Ready Cash’ through ‘Material Loans’

Rebecca Empson, 13 January 2016

2. Living on Loans

Hedwig Waters, 22 January 2016

3. The Politics of the Mortgage Market in Mongolia

Bumochir Dulam, 29 January 2016

4. Land, Building Supplies and Repair-People: Differing Visions of Urban Futures in Ulaanbaatar

Rebekah Plueckhahn, 8 February 2016

5. Internalizing External Debt

Lauren Bonilla, 24 February 2016



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