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Sar Shindee Saihan Shinleerei! Happy Lunar New Year!

By Lauren Bonilla, on 9 February 2016


The Emerging Subjects team warmly wishes you a happy lunar new year!


The first sunrise of the new year of the fire monkey. Photo taken on Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath, London.


Today families across Mongolia arose early to greet and offer libations to the first sunrise of the year, often doing so on a nearby hill or mountain closest to the sky.  Our London team welcomed the sun rising behind a blanket of clouds, which eventually cleared to reveal blue skies and fine weather.

In the coming weeks, we’ll write more about Mongolia’s lunar new year holiday (Tsagaan Sar) in our annual Tsagaan Sar Gift Index.  Stay tuned!



3 Responses to “Sar Shindee Saihan Shinleerei! Happy Lunar New Year!”

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