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Slade Methods Room



Surfaces Photography Project

The Surfaces Photography Project with Gary Woodley and Onya McCausland

This project, led by Onya McCausland and Gary Woodley in 2012, examined the material structures of surfaces and the physical complexities of the painted surface using extremely close-up photographic imaging. Students volunteered different paintings and drawings to be photographed using an HD DSL camera with a specially adapted (Gary-style) macro lens. The resulting photographic images documented materials in extreme close-up and high-definition detail, amplifying the physical properties of paint in relation to the mechanics of painting. Tiny physical structures buried within painting, the various textured surfaces of paper, the depths and structures of wood grain, the density of the fabric weave of canvas, the particular graininess of different coloured pigments were suddenly made hyper-visible. Onya and Gary realised that with this close-up visual knowledge of matter, new discoveries could be made about the materiality of painting.

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A sheet of A4 paper.

A4 paper Rze

Fabriano 5 (rough)

Fabriano 5 Rough

Fabriano 5 (rough) with red ochre pigment rubbed into its surface.

Fabriano 5 with Pigment rubbed in

Gesso ground with ‘structura’ – a Lascaux painting medium that gives extra texture to the ground.

Acrylic Gesso & Structura Rz



Birch Ply

Birch Ply

Raw Graphite

Graphite Section




Paintings and drawings

Nick’s Paintings – 2011
Oil paint paper on linen.

Nick 4

Nick 2

Alex 3

Nick Yellow

Mins Drawings, compressed charcoal on fabriano paper

Min - Balloon 2


Mins Graphite drawing on fabriano paper




Nadines Painting oil paint on copper


Rebeccas paintings; surfaces made to mimic other materials such as leather. most surfaces were primed and sanded multiple times.

Rebecca 1


rebecca 3


Euns paintings consist of multiple layers of pigment in egg tempera built up slowly over time and then sanded back.

Eun 3


Eun 2


Eun 1

Nina worked on ply using layers of oil paint. the masked edge between parts of the painting is visible.



Nina 4


Nina 3



Alecs paintings are acrylic and marker pen on synthetic canvas