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Ten facts about money

By Admin, on 16 December 2022

Have you ever wondered where money comes from? Or how long we can use a paper note for?  

Although you may think your child is too young for these facts, a touch of trivia can spark rich conversations and lead to further interest in knowledge about money. 

Here are some facts you can discuss with your child. 

  • Currency is the type of money a country uses. For example, the U.S. uses the dollar, while Great Britain uses the pound.
  • If you travel to another country you need to use their currency. For example, in Europe they use Euros and not pounds
  • Romans used salt as a currency at one time.
  • Money is made in special factories called mints.
  • The first coins were minted (made) around 2,500 years ago.
  • Paper money was first used in China over 1,000 years ago.
  • 1p is the lowest value in coins in the UK.
  • It costs more than 2.4 pennies to make 1 penny!
  • Paper money isn’t made from paper but from a combination of cotton and linnen.
  •  To prevent people from just making fake money the ink on paper money is very special and can even change colour (as well as being traceable and being magnetic).


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