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Learning Designer User Guide

The Learning Designer was developed by a team led by Diana Laurillard at the UCL Knowledge Lab and is free for anyone to use.

You can find it at learningdesigner.org.

learning designer image

The Learning Designer

The Learning Designer helps teachers and lecturers design teaching and learning activities using the six learning types from the Conversational Framework.

It also provides some feedback on your design by showing you the proportion of each of the different learning types in your eventual design in the form of a pie chart, so you can see where you might need to make adjustments.

Watch the video below to find out how to use the Learning Designer tool:

Learning Designer Tutorial

You can read more about the Learning Designer in the crib sheet below:

Learning Designer crib sheet

Finally, if you would like a guide to the features and function of the Designer Screen in the Learning Designer (where you create your designs) take a look at this guide:

A Guide to the Designer Screen of the Learning Designer