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UCL Knowledge Lab Seminar Series: Designing the future of higher education through partnerships with industry and students

By Tim Neumann, on 12 February 2020

In his seminar, Panos Vlachopoulos will discuss the process and lessons learnt from revamping one of the largest degrees at Macquarie University.

Thursday, 13 February 2020, 12:30pm-1:30pm GMT
UCL Knowledge Lab

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One of the challenges for higher education is identifying valuable transferable skills that industry and society need and developing courses that enable students to acquire these skills though their degrees.

Institutions need to develop university courses that equip students with transferable skills and the ability to articulate these skills to employers or when seeking further study.

Professor Panos Vlachopoulos will highlight the key findings from the design workshops that developed the new Macquarie BA framework.

As part of the Bachelor of Arts 2020 redesign project, the Faculty of Arts used a design thinking based methodology to run a series of workshops. He will also detail the key aspects of the revamped degree and the plans for ongoing involvement of industry and students as part of the delivery of the new curriculum.

The opportunity for discussion and feedback will be provided and welcomed.

Details on UCL IOE Website

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