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Linking Our Lives



About our blog

The Linking our Lives Blog: England and Wales since 1971 features research which makes use of the ONS Longitudinal Study, which is based on the Census and officially the largest nationally representative longitudinal dataset in the UK.

The blog talks about the study’s background and its future, how it has been used to undertake research to look at some of the major social issues of the last 50 years and how it has helped and continues to help policymakers, practitioners and society more widely make important decisions that affect us all.

Produced by the ESRC funded Centre for Longitudinal Study Information & User Support (CeLSIUS) project team at UCL and co-edited by journalist and author Fran Abrams and CeLSIUS PI Nicola Shelton, the blog shows the impact of the ONS Longitudinal Study and provides insights into how others might tap into this fantastic resource.

The blog has a sister podcast available on all major podcast apps and outlets where former BBC journalist Chris Garrington is in conversation with some of the key people undertaking and using the research from the Study.