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Photographs of Deaf Scouts in 1901 and 1921

By H Dominic W Stiles, on 14 December 2012

A few pictures for the post today, showing Deaf Scouts. Scouting & Guiding played an important role in giving young men and women from less well off families and urban areas a chance to experience the British countryside and acquire new skills and confidence. Many Deaf schools started scout troops in the early 19th century.

This must be the third Bishop of Burnley, Henry Henn, addressing Deaf scouts at Preston. This photo should therefore date to 1910-30. The Preston troop was the first Deaf scout troop, formed in September 1910.

This Second picture shows scouts at Box Hill, Surrey in 1921. This is the caption on the reverse

“The Duke of Grafton [?Clapton] our B.P. [Baden Powell?] Deaf Scouts 1921 summer camp held from June 25 till July 2nd at the Fort Box Hill Near Dorking in Surrey”. “In the woods.  Another version of Tarzan of the Apes”.

Then we have scouts saluting the flag; making a raft on the river Mole; finally “making a halt on the uphill climb back to camp after a visit to the river  and Dorking down below”. Click onto the photos for a clearer view. We also have photos of the West Ham Deaf Scouts, one of which I have now added.

If you have any information on these scout troops do let us know and we will add it.

T.Penlan Baker. Royal Cross School, Preston – Troop of

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