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James Kerr Love, Scottish Aurist, friend of Helen Keller, 1858-1942 » Kerr Love note 2


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    Ewen MacKinnon wrote on 1 May 2020:

    For no very god reason in the current lock down I chanced to ‘google’ the name ‘James Kerr Love’ and came on your page inviting correspondence. My connection is through my late wife who was his great grand daughter. I do not know what archive material you aim to keep but within my house and my brother in law’s we have some items such as letters from Helen Keller plus other items such as a photograph of Helen at Glasgow University on receiving an honorary MD and a print we believe to be of a sketch of Helen and Teacher in their 20’s. One day soon we will have to decide as a family whether the next generation will wish to retain them or give them to an archive. I wonder if you would have any interest in such items? Obviously at present I do not have authority to gift them and we would only want to let them go to an archive that has a relevant interest.

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