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Effect of fireworks on hearing/measuring noise

By H Dominic W Stiles, on 2 November 2012

Many people find fireworks intrusive and some find them painful because of conditions such as hyperacusis. Here are some articles on percussive noise and hearing. This is an area that has not seen much research recently, but one journal worth noting is Noise and Health.

Books / Reports:

Hinton, J. How to map noise. Pp. 3-7. In. Prasher, D (ed.) Noise Pollution and Health. (2003) NRN Publications, London.

Kerr, G. The effects of blast on the ear. Pp. 279-290 In. Luxon, L and Prasher, D. Noise and its effects. (2007) John Wiley & sons Ltd, Chichester.

Chapters & Articles:

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(Article in German)

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(Article in German)

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(Article in German)

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(Article in German)

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(Article in German)

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van de Weyer PS, Praetorius M, Tisch M.

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(Article in German)

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