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Derby conference, Teachers of the Deaf, 1920

By H Dominic W Stiles, on 1 June 2012

On December 11th 1920, Dr. Alexander Graham Bell attended the Derby meeting of the Executive of the National College of Teachers of the Deaf, attending a luncheon in his honour. Click onto the picture for a larger image. The photograph has a number of well remembered teachers of the Deaf as well as those who have faded from memory. On the front row extreme right we have the oralist Mary Adelaide Hare (1875-1945),  Principal of Dean Hollow Oral School, Burgess Hill. The grammar school named after her was a re-foundation of this school. On the extreme left of the front row, Blanche Nevile (1871-1962), the first headmistress (1895-1925) of Tottenham Day School (later the Blanche Nevile School). We have some early records of that school in the library.  To the right of white-bearded Bell is A.J. Story, who we have talked about before. Between Nevile and Story is George Sibley Haycock (1871-1944). Haycock was a pupil teacher at the Doncaster Institution for the Deaf in 1885, later becoming head of the Fitzroy Square Training College for Teachers of the Deaf (1907-19).

Behind Story in the second row is Miss D. E. Baker (1881-1947) Head of the Gem Street Deaf School in Birmingham. Fourth from the left in the second row is F. Ince Jones, of the Northampton School.

At the back on the extreme left is Frank G. Barnes (1866-1932), headmaster of Homerton School for the Deaf, 1900-21. The school moved to Penn in 1921. Next to him is N.S. Folwell who was later Head at The Mount, Stoke. At the extreme right in the back row, William Carey Roe, O.B.E. (1887-1952).  Carey Roe was a teacher under Story at Stoke, and just a couple of years after this photograph he became first secretary for the National Institute for the Deaf.

For more information on these people see – Teacher of the Deaf, various issues.

5 Responses to “Derby conference, Teachers of the Deaf, 1920”

  • 1
    John Walker wrote on 14 June 2012:

    Also Arthur Mortlock Sleight, Head Master of Brighton Institute for the Deaf and Dumb. This school later became Ovingdean Hall School in 1947, which closed in 2010.

  • 2
    John Walker wrote on 14 June 2012:

    Just to add a reference: Arthur Mortlock Sleight (1857-1939).

  • 3
    H Dominic W Stiles wrote on 14 June 2012:

    Thanks John – I did not have time to do everyone!

  • 4
    JR wrote on 23 June 2012:

    Ince-Jones was head of the famous Spring Hill School for the Deaf in Northampton. It was a remarkable school that sent all known i.e. relative to the deaf community deaf students to university/college in the pre-WWII years including John Wright a.k.a. David Wright.

  • 5
    JR wrote on 23 June 2012:

    Indeed the closing of Spring Hill and the death of Mary Hare in 1944 was the basis for the first intake at MHGS in 1946.