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By H Dominic W Stiles, on 30 March 2012

LARCHMOOR SCHOOL, Stoke Poges (1966-81)

A residential school for “maladjusted deaf children” in the terms that would have been used at that time. The school was run by the RNID on a country estate purchased near Stoke Poges. The existing house was demolished, and the foundation stone for new school laid in 1964. The first intake of children came in 1966. The school did not survive for very long – it closed at the end of the 1981 summer term due to a “dramatic decline in the number of pupils coming forward” (RNID Annual Report, 1981).

Larchmoor new building in 1967: click to enlarge



NB. The RNID Library has a probably complete set of Larchmoor School newsletters from 1976-79, also Larchmoor School annual reports for 1971 and 1972; for other information see RNID annual reports from 1965-81 and the RNID magazine Hearing for those years.

Royal visit to Larchmoor 6th March 1967

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12 Responses to “LARCHMOOR SCHOOL, Stoke Poges”

  • 1
    vivien plumridge wrote on 27 July 2012:


    are there any people out there who worked at this school, or was a pupil around the 67/8 mark. i have some fond memories
    and wondered if anyone else would like to talk about it.

    i remember the horse cresta too, that i rode bareback occasionally, who was a real mischief and used to escape from time to time.

    ok, thats it. i await any replies with curiosity.

  • 2
    Glen Lockey wrote on 17 March 2017:

    When you start at school ? That l am not sure you been there please call me back

  • 3
    Glen Lockey wrote on 10 September 2012:

    Hello my name is Glen Lockey I am deaf before that school when I was little boy that to know very well old boy and girl that know to full name and if you know me When I was 11years to 16 years old. Please call me on email and photo to show me that was okay for you . My email.is glenlockeygunner@hotmail.co.uk

  • 4
    martin lloyd wrote on 21 October 2012:


    My Dad worked here and my family lived on site. I remember Cresta and i think the donkey was called Minnie?

  • 5
    vivien plumridge wrote on 3 November 2012:

    hello martin

    was your dad a teacher there. i used to work as a housemother. i remember the cook and the gardener. the gardener i met up in scotland years later and we recognised each other after all that time. about 25 years!

    i used to ride cresta occasonally. did you have a brother and a sister?

    hope all is wellfor you and your family.

    kind regards vivien

  • 6
    peter.a.thompson wrote on 26 November 2013:

    this my school photo shot , i did shake hand H.RH QUEEN 2

  • 7
    Glen lockey wrote on 18 October 2017:

    Hello Pete Thompson you know me this Glen Lockey . Please call me on my moblie number is 07856574621 text that you in old school for deaf that l remember you . So have you got old school photo? Please call me if you have FaceTime so l have too

  • 8
    Glen Lockey wrote on 26 July 2018:

    Hi can you chat FaceTime please and send me mobile number text 07856574621

  • 9
    Glen lockey wrote on 13 October 2014:

    Anyone to know that I am in old school in 1970 to 1976 to left school . So anyone remember me to very good chat . I remember to person name is Raymond Grant,Peter Thompson and else to remember me . So please can send to me my email.on top address okay . Or send my mobile number is 07415884151 text me okay .please call me back to wait for my old school remember

  • 10
    Glen Lockey wrote on 17 March 2017:

    Anyone to know that old school for deaf that l was been there on 1970 to 1975 . Please call me and photo to know you and me okay

  • 11
    Glen lockey wrote on 18 October 2017:

    Anyone to remember old school in 1970 to 1975 to remember name of list . I was there in 1970 to 1975 . Please your name on list that remember of school years ago . Please text me 07856574621

  • 12
    Glen Lockey wrote on 24 July 2018:

    I would like to fill name person of boys and girls that remember in 1960 to 1981? And plus house keeper and teacher name .please send me email .