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Anerley Deaf School

By H Dominic W Stiles, on 4 November 2011


Just a short picture entry today with Anerley School, which was at Versailles Rd, Anerley.  The Anerley Residential School for Deaf Boys closed 1956 on conversion to school for ‘maladjusted children’.

As a part of the education of Deaf children, it was considered important that they become productive members of society, so they were taught trades. This was emphasised by the Royal Commission Report on the Blind and Deaf of 1889, “so as to dry up the streams which ultimately swell the great torrent of pauperism” (quoted by Pritchard, p.97). In some school registers of pupils we are told to what trade or employment the children went on to when they left. Bootmaking was one such trade, and here we see the boys in the bootmaking class. I wonder who the gentlemen are in the left background – possibly the Reverend Raper with the beard? Click onto the photos for a clearer view.

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