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Service with a smile

By ucylr22, on 1 December 2015

Using the printers“I’m sorry to bother you” is not a phrase we in the Main and Science Help Team particularly relish hearing from students. Believe it, or not, the stereotypical image of the Librarian ensconced in an ivory tower, thumbing through The Collected Works of Proust, shushing anyone who dares to disrupt their solitary quest for enlightenment, still endures.

In order to contribute to the improvement of the student experience, we’ve worked hard to develop a friendly, approachable and helpful service available at the point of need by emerging from behind our traditional library counters and working amongst our readers. Since, having largely abandoned the customary uniform of tweed sports jacket with patches on the elbows, we risk merging, chameleon like, with students, we’ve adopted the UCL Library Services lanyard as a way of raising our profile. We’re also adept at spotting and approaching students who look as if they need help.

As a result, we’re pleased to say that our interactions with customers are now more likely to be: “Hi, you look a bit lost. Can I help? Ah, you’re looking for the Collected Works of Proust. Follow me and I’ll show you where we keep them. No, no problem at all. It’s what we’re here for. In fact, it’s a pleasure.”

Jason Hobart, Head of Science Help Team

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