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Uncovering UCL’s Jewish Pamphlet Collections: phase 3

By Vanessa Freedman, on 27 March 2018

We are delighted to announce that Phase 3 of the Uncovering UCL’s Jewish Pamphlet Collections project is now under way, after a successful funding application. In the first two phases of the project (2014-2017), we

  • catalogued 5,338 pamphlets
  • conserved 523 pamphlets
  • digitised 172 pamphlets
Title page

Eliassof, Herman. Souvenir of the Centenial Anniversary of the Birthday of Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart. Mocatta Bound Pamphlets Vol 102, No 6


In the third phase we plan to:

  • produce fully accurate embedded transcriptions of the digitised pamphlets to make them accessible to a wider and non-specialist audience
  • enhance the metadata that accompanies the digital images
  • catalogue around 3,000 boxed pamphlets, which come from various sources and cover a wide variety of subjects
  • digitise more pamphlets, producing around 4,000 digital images

We are also collaborating with UCL’s Department of Hebrew & Jewish Studies on a pilot Connected Curriculum initiative, where student volunteers are producing transcriptions of individual pamphlets. Later in the year there will be an exhibition of these pamphlets including interpretation of the images by the students.

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