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UCL now has access to Sovetskii Ekran Digital Archive

By Sarah Gilmore, on 11 April 2024

UCL now has access to Sovetskii Ekran Digital Archive via East View

The Sovetskii Ekran Digital Archive offers a unique window into the history of Soviet cinema, capturing the essence of a journal that was pivotal from 1925 to 1998. Sovetskii Ekran (Советский экран, Soviet Screen) was more than just a film journal – it was a cultural barometer of its times, chronicling the evolution of Soviet film against the backdrop of significant societal and political changes. Its pages, filled with film critiques, interviews, and reader polls, offer a comprehensive view of the cinematic landscape and its influence on Soviet culture.

Please note: The publication of Sovetskii Ekran was completely suspended from 1931-1938, 1942-1956, and 1999-2001. The lack of content for these periods is not a gap but reflects the journal’s publication schedule during these times.

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