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UCL now has access to Linguistic Minorities in Europe Online (LME)

By Sarah Gilmore, on 8 February 2023

UCL now has access to Linguistic Minorities in Europe Online (LME) from De Gruyter.

Linguistic Minorities in Europe Online provides comprehensive documentation of indigenous and immigrant linguistic minorities in Europe.

LME contains a variety of content and materials:

  • Standardized overview articles on a given linguistic minority on a variety of topics, including but not limited to linguistic description, variation, attitudes, demographics, status, education and revitalization.
  • In-depth research articles on specific topics regarding European minority languages/linguistic minorities, including sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic, and ethnolinguistic perspectives
  • Multimedia elements (audios, videos, images)
  • Primary sources, such as annotated texts, transcriptions, corpora, glossaries, field notes, etc. (Open Access as well as non-Open Access)

Currently, LME contains, amongst others, articles on BasqueBretonCroatianFrisianHungarianIrish, the Sámi languages, and Turkish as minority languages (content about further languages is in preparation). New articles will be added annually (in two yearly updates).

Please send feedback on this resource to your subject librarian.

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