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Trial access to UN iLibrary

By Sarah Gilmore, on 7 May 2021

UCL has trial access to UN iLibrary until 1st August 2021.

UN iLibrary provides access to all digital content created by the United Nations and features an interface in all six official UN languages. There are approximately 9000 titles included in the collection covering the following topics: 

  • Agriculture Rural Development and Forestry 
  • Children and Youth 
  • Democracy and Governance 
  • Disarmament 
  • Drugs, Crime and Terrorism 
  • Economic and Social Development 
  • Environment and Climate Change 
  • Human Rights and Refugees 
  • Human Settlements and Urban Issues 
  • International Law and Justice 
  • International Trade and Finance 
  • Migration 
  • Natural Resources, Water and Energy 
  • Peacekeeping and Security 
  • Population and Demography 
  • Public Health 
  • Transportation and Public Safety 
  • United Nations 
  • Women and Gender Issues 

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