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Trial access to Research Source (Adam Matthew)

By Sarah Gilmore, on 9 March 2021

UCL now has trial access to Research Source, in addition to the entire portfolio of 74 Adam Matthew primary source collections via AM Explorer, until 6th April 2021. A second trial to both Research Source and AM Explorer will be provided from 15th June until 7th September 2021. Please note that PDF download options are not available but double clicking on thumbnails shows a larger high-res version.

Research Source is comprised of:

  • Area Studies: India : study of the British Indian Empire and the history, culture and literature of the Indian subcontinent from 1712 to 1942
  • Area Studies: Japan : documenting the political, cultural and social history of Japan from 1400 to the 20th century
  • Area Studies: China and Southeast Asia : offering Western perspectives on all aspects of Chinese culture and society from the mid-17th to the late 20th century
  • Business, Economic & Labour History : including Keynesian economic policy in post-war Britain; international labour movements; the London Stock Exchange; and the papers of important economists in Britain and America
  • Church Missionary Society Archive : source materials from the Anglican evangelical movement, from when it was founded in 1799 to the present
  • Empire Studies : primary sources for the study of the British Empire
  • Literary Studies : literary manuscripts, rare printed works, and personal papers of a range of leading literary figures in British and American literature
  • Missionary Studies : primary sources from missionary work in Africa, East and South Asia, Australasia and the Pacific, and the Americas
  • Medieval and Early Modern Studies : a wide range of primary sources concerning the Black Death to the Restoration of the English monarchy and the Glorious Revolution
  • Women’s Studies : primary sources from over four centuries, providing a multitude of perspectives on the changing roles of women in history
  • World War Two Studies : primary sources, offering insight into many aspects of the conflict, including government policy, the war in the Pacific, and the war in Europe

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