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Gale Digital Scholar Lab trial extended until 16th January 2019

By Sarah Gilmore, on 6 December 2018

UCL’s trial access to Gale Digital Scholar Lab has been extended until 16th January 2019. Access requires a trial username and password (UCL username and password required to view e-resource password page), then click on ‘Access this Database’

Gale Digital Scholar Lab allows users to explore UCL’s holdings from Gale Primary Sources using Digital Humanities tools which enable new ways of interrogating content, analysing insights and outputting discoveries.

Users can:

  • create custom content sets containing as many as 10,000 documents.
  • search across their library’s Gale Primary Sources holdings and seamlessly select documents to be added to their custom content set
  • analyse and interrogate the data with the built in text analysis and visualization tools. Digital humanities analysis methods include: Named Entity Recognition, Topic Modelling, Parts of Speech, and more
  • save content sets allowing them to manage their research for long term projects
  • publish their outputs with confidence retaining all intellectual property rights and are free to share analysis outputs

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