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Access to LSE & SOAS libraries

By Kieron L Jones, on 27 March 2015


Access to the LSE Library will be restricted during the examination period from Monday 30 March to Sunday 7 June 2015 inclusive.

Staff and research degree students (MPhil, PhD) who have applied through the existing reciprocal schemes (University of London, SCONUL Access and M25) will not be affected.

Membership for all other visitors, including undergraduates and Masters students from University of London and SCONUL institutions, will be suspended from Monday 30 March to Sunday 7 June 2015.  These restrictions will also apply to visitors issued cards before 30 March.

In special cases, temporary access for a day may be provided if visitors can show a genuine need to access our collections specifically at this time.  Provision will also be made for visitors wishing to consult archives and other special collections.


We will be restricting access to some users from Monday 13th April to Wednesday 3rd June due to high demand for study spaces by SOAS students during deadline and exam times.  Also during this period, we will be changing the system that we use to manage library user information, so there may be some impacts to services that we deliver.

During the third term the SOAS Library can become very busy and there may be occasions when we have to restrict visitor access in order to ensure that SOAS students can find a study space.  If you come as a visitor to the Library at a busy time, please do not be offended if we ask you which of our research materials or special collections you need to see.  The afternoons are particularly busy so it may make your visit easier if you come to the Library as early as possible in the day.

So –

UG and TPG students: No new membership

PhD/MPhil/Staff: as normal

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